Turn-The-Key Package

Let Norton Nautical Services prepare vessel for use prior to your arrival. We will check systems, fluid levels, canvas, and overall condition of vessel to make sure it is ready to go upon your arrival. Nothing is worse than meeting friends after work on a Friday only to discover an issue with your boat. With our Dockside Pre-Trip Check, you can avoid sudden “Service surprises” and be ready to take your guests out as planned.

Turn-The-Key Service Package

This concierge package includes all items covered in the Interior and Exterior Dockside Inspections as well as the following:

Before you arrive:

• Open and air out vessel
• Fill vessel with fuel (Fuel payment process must be completed)
• Fill vessel with freshwater
• Pump out holding tank
• Prepare canvas system for your arrival
• Run engines and generator up to temperature and check fluid level
• Check bilge blower
• Check batteries
• Inspect bilge and bilge pumps
• Check safety equipment
• Check that plumbing and electrical systems are operating properly
• Check running lights and power-up all electronics
• Check that anchor windlass is operational
• Check that climate control system is operational and set for arrival

When you return, turn-the-key and walk away:

• Complete a freshwater rinse-down of your vessel
• Check lines and fenders for proper placement
• Secure all canvas
• Secure all doors, portholes, windows, and hatches
• Pump out holding tank if needed
• Re-fuel if needed (Payment process must be completed)
• Refill freshwater system if needed.