Boat Management Services

Let Norton Nautical Services prepare vessel for use prior to your arrival. We will check systems, fluid levels, canvas, and overall condition of vessel to make sure it is ready to go upon your arrival. Nothing is worse than meeting friends after work on a Friday only to discover an issue with your boat. With our Dockside Pre-Trip Check, you can avoid sudden “Service surprises” and be ready to take your guests out as planned.

Dockside Check ups

Exterior Inspection includes:

• Confirm that the vessel is secure at dock
• Inspect dock lines for chaffing and check that knots are secure and tight
• Adjust lines and fenders as needed to prevent damage to the vessel
• Inspect shore power cord and power supply connections
• Check that all hatches, windows, doors, and portholes are secure
• Check that all canvas is secure, including hatch covers, bimini tops, cockpit covers, bridge enclosures, etc.
• Secure dinghies, or other water sports equipment to vessel
• Complete a visual check of the hull above the waterline
• Check for evidence of break-in, or other damage to vessel
• Inspect cockpit and decks for excess standing water
Check that exterior electronics are in place and secure

Interior Inspection Includes:

• Check/secure all doors, portholes, windows, and hatches
• Complete a visual inspection of the full interior
• Check all interior lights
• Check interior for visible leaks
• Confirm batteries are charged
• Inspect bilge for water
• Check that the bilge pumps are functioning properly
• Check that the bilge blower is operational
• Check that cabin appliances are operating normally
• Run engines to confirm normal operation
• Run generator to confirm normal operation
• Check that electronics are secure in place and undamaged
• Check that climate control systems are operating to owner’s preferences